Some of My Current Favorites

Woofta! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted on here! I’ve been pretty busy with classes, work, physical therapy, and observing at physical therapy appointments for the past month or so. But good news — I graduated from Physical Therapy a few weeks ago, and I can no officially run pretty much pain-free without a knee brace! (For those of you who don’t know, I injured my IT Band back in November). Anyway, there have been multiple instances where I had plenty of time to at least do a quick post on here, but honestly I am always to lazy #collegeproblems 😛

Today I figured that I should probably really get on that, so here I am! I don’t really have an actual plan or something, like a recipe, to post about, so I just decided to post about some of my recent favorite food/health products!


We’ll just start out with this picture above because they look cute. 🙂 These are some pancakes I made yesterday before my workout! (Check out my post about these on my Instagram page: @laurensfitlife)! I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret: I have a waffle/sandwich/panini make in my dorm. Illegally. Haha! I got it about a month and a half ago, and it was so worth it! I mean, I know I’m not going to get caught or get in trouble because the “health and safety” checks they do at my dorm building are totally lax. The RA literally knocks on the door, opens it, checks to see if the light on the fire alarm is still blinking, and then leaves. So I figured it wasn’t too risky to bring this into my dorm room. 🙂 Anyway, I used Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes mix for these waffles. IF you have never heard of these, check them out at Target or online! I have used this mix a lot and I definitely swear by it! It makes the fluffiest yummiest waffles (or pancakes!) and they’re very versatile! You can just make them as it says on the box, or you can add your own touch to them too! I love doing both!


Next on the list of some of my recent favorites are these! Okay, I won’t lie — this popcorn has been one of mine (and my mom’s) HUGEST weaknesses pretty much since forever! I there are several different brands of bagged popcorn (all with minimal ingredients) that we both love! These are the really big bags that you can find at Costco! Confession time: I can finish off one of those bags by myself in three sittings (probably in a shorter amount of time if I let myself! haha).

Also, I am super super pumped about French Toast Crunch’s comeback! I would ramble on about his too, but I think you pretty much get the idea. 😛

And don’t get me started of that peanut butter. Salty. Caramal. Jif. Whips. That it all. 🙂

And lastly in that picture, I also enjoy me some Cellucor C4 Fruit Punch preworkout on those days where I’m not feelin’ it! I love the flavor and it definitely gives me the tingles to make my workout that much better!


The last thing I’m going to post about today is Boom Chick A Pop Sweet Barbeque popcorn. Since I already talked about my undying love for popcorn, I won’t say too much about this. Usually I just stick with the regular popcorn flavor, but this flavor sounded pretty good, so I gave it a go! Boy, am I sure glad I did! This flavor combo is absolutely fabulous! I highly recommend you try this flavor, especially if you’re a barbeque fan!

Well, that’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this random, pointless post! Haha 😛


Life’s Hidden Blessings

(Cover Image Credit to:

Well hi there! I’ve been quite slacking on my blogging duties these past few months! I’ve been pretty busy this past semester, but all the hard work has definitely paid off — I finished off this semester with a 4.0!! It’s definitely a nice reward for all the hard work I put in. 🙂

Being on Christmas break now, I have been trying to take advantage of all the free time I have (other than picking up extra shifts a work :P) by relaxing, crocheting, and hopefully I will be baking and cooking some new things! I am super excited to get back to some of these things that I haven’t gotten to do much since Summer.

If you follow my Instagram (@laurensfitlife), you’ll know that I injured my IT Band about a month or so ago. It was tough to come to terms with at first, but I quickly came to think of it as something that I really needed, both mentally and physically. The reason I say this is because eating disorder thoughts have been taking up essentially a lot of my thoughts for at least the past year, and it’s something that I hide from people in real life because it’s something that feels very personal to me. Although I have never actually been diagnosed with an eating disorder, I have without a doubt had ED thoughts in regards to food and exercise. A little while before my injury I really began to think that I need to just take a break from my “normal” routine, which was eating as healthy as possible, restricting myself from almost all “unhealthy” foods, and exercising a lot 6 days a week. So this is why this injury is something that I consider to be a blessing — it kind of forced me to do what I’ve wanted, but have been so afraid to do: rest, eat what I want no matter how healthy or unhealthy, and just think more positively about things and not worry about things that aren’t worth worrying about.

Surprisingly, this all came a lot more easily to me than
I thought it would. I have been having more positive thoughts, and I have also truly been enjoying my life more. I guess I never really realized until now that for the past year and a half or so, I really haven’t been truly enjoying certain parts of my life. When I look back on it, I essentially let the whole health/fitness thing take over my life. Now, I’m not saying that health and fitness are bad, because they are obviously very important things, but when you let it rule your thoughts and actions every minute of every day, you are not living in a healthy way. I am so glad that I am realizing this now, before I really miss out a a big chunk of my life.

Currently, I am still in a “resting” mode in a sense. I have still been working my upper body and doing the bike at the gym, but I do it because it makes me happy, not to burn extra calories or to “make up” for something I ate. I am also still having more rest days than normal, and I am okay with that! Having more than one rest day in a week used to terrify me, so feeling the way I do now is such an amazing and freeing feeling. 🙂 My leg has really been feeling better in the past few days, which is so nice because I can actually walk around with little to no pain! I have been doing physical therapy for the past few weeks, and I can for sure already feel a lot of improvement!

Normally, athletes or people who just like to exercise obviously don’t like injuries. But to me, I feel that it has been and still will be a huge benefit to me in many different aspects. I don’t want to say that it literally “saved” me, but it did save me from my bad thoughts, and it is leading me on the road to a better life. It kind of prompted me to do what really needed to have been done for quite some time now. If I didn’t have this injury, I would probably still have those negative thoughts like “I can’t eat that because it has cane sugar in it,” “I really regret eating that,” “I need to workout after what I ate today,” etc. Those thoughts would have just continued into a deeper negative spiral, and I really don’t want to know where I would have ended up.

So to my injury, I thank you. I am thankful for this life that has been given to me. I have been handed this difficulty because God knows that I can handle it, and I am now on a better road. Sometimes blessings are truly hidden, but once we realize the blessings in our lives, we will be more at peace and will be headed in a more positive direction.

Life Is Good

Hi everyone (well, whoever may be reading this despite the fact that I only just started this blog)! I hope your Memorial Day weekend was truly enjoyable and spent with the ones you love! I also hope you didn’t forget to take time to think about/thank those who have fought for our country. Each and every one of those people has truly made a difference in our lives and I am so thankful for that. Just imagine being put in their shoes. I can’t even fathom making that decision to go fight for our country! It takes a lot of dedication, love, courage, and so many other things to do what they have done for us. So I just want to send out a huge THANK YOU! Because of all of you out there fighting I, and the rest of our country, are able to lead the lives we do and do things that we should not take for granted.

I got home from college on Thursday evening, and I have been quite busy since then! Although I have also taken some much needed time to relax! Friday was pretty much dedicated to unpacking and organizing/getting rid of stuff I don’t need, and also running errands with my mom! I also managed to fit a workout in too! I’m still not done with all my organizing but I’m definitely getting there! None of you probably care about this, so why I’m babbling on, I have no idea haha. But to cut to the chase, I’ve had a fabulous and blessed first weekend back from college!

My mom took a few extra days off work, and it’s been nice to just spent time with her! We haven’t really done anything special, but it’s the little things that truly are the big, special things in the end. We’ve just been running some errands, gardening, going on walks, etc… Going on walks with my mom is definitely one of my favorite things to do with her. It just gives us time to talk (and of course, doing some extra exercising)! I can easily say that my mom is my best friend. It’s been through these walks where I’ve found it easiest to just tell her anything. If we never started going on walks together, I can without a doubt say that I would never have become so open with her. Going on walks is something we try to do almost every night in the summer, and I always look forward to them!

Lastly, I just want to mention the actual primary reason why I titled this post the way I did. Of course life is good, especially because of the reasons I have already mentioned in this post plus much, much more, but there’s one person who always said this multiple times a day, and especially at the end of the day. This person is my high school band director. He is one of my favorite high school teachers. I had the pleasure of running (no pun intended) into him and is equally as amazing wife while I went for a run on Saturday! I stopped and talked to them for a couple minutes to catch up with them, and by the time I continued on my run back home, I found myself smiling the whole way back. This teacher had a signature saying. Life is good. This is how he ended every prayer before we had a performance or before we went to sleep on our band trips. I’m trying to make a long story short, because I could easily go on and on about this subject, but I’m trying my best! Just think about it. Life is good. Life is good. In so many ways. We are all so blessed for what we have and we often take that for granted. No matter what mood I’m in, whether my day was good or bad, I always remind myself of this, because in the end of the day, I know that I am so blessed to have what I have and to be where I am in life. I am so thankful for this day and every day before and after.


If any of you have been a trooper and stuck through this post, I just want to thank you! I am definitely new at this whole blogging thing, but I really wanted to try it out! I hope you have at least somewhat enjoyed what I wrote, and I apologize for slightly babbling on! I promise to try to improve as I post more!

Also, I have an Instagram if you would like to check it out/follow me! It’s @laurensfitlife 🙂

Thanks again, and I hope you all have a fabulous Memorial Day!