You Might As Well Call Me the Queen of the Panini Press

Lunch time is a good time.
Especially when it involves a panini press.
And my awesome panini press skills.
Okay, just kidding. But I must say that I do love to make food on the panini press, and today’s lunch was no exception!

Since I’m rather proud of my wrap/panini that I made today, I’m going g to share the easy peasy recipe with you!

-1 Flatout Sundried Tomato wrap
-tomato paste
-olive oil (I used a basil flavored one)
-mushrooms (sliced)
-Trader Joes Teryaki Tofu (or any kind)
-fresh mozzarella
-any seasonings you’d like (I used garlic pepper and garlic powder)

1. In a pan, pour some olive oil and set burner on high heat.
2. Turn on your panini press to preheat.
3. Put mushrooms, broccoli, tofu, spinach, and some seasoning in the pan and sauté. (For amounts I simply sliced two mushrooms, broke up a couple broccoli florets, sliced up an unmeasured amount of tofu, and a handful or two of spinach).
4. While that’s sautéing (keep an eye on it!), spread some tomato paste on the wrap and top with some seasoning.
5. Once the veggies are done sautéing, put it in the wrap.
6. Add fresh mozzarella (or cheese of choice).
7. Fold and put in the panini press until desired crispness!
This next step is the most important:
8. Devour and enjoy like you have never eaten something more delicious and appetizing. 🙂

There you have it! I love making lunches in the summer because I have a lot more time and I can just throw things together and experiment!
So I challenge you to do the same thing whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack! Just have fun with it!