Vanilla Protein Smoothie Bowl

So here we are, coming to Summer’s close once again. I’m starting to get teary-eyed. 😛 Just a few days from now I will be moving into my dorm for my sophomore year of college! And not only that, but a week from tomorrow I will be turning the big 2-0!! Where has the time gone and how are my teenage years possibly almost over for good?! I definitely do not feel like I will be exiting my teenage years in a few short days — I mean, I’m pretty darn positive I just turned 16 like a year or two ago. 😛

Although I’m starting to feel more and more like an adult because I’ve been working a pretty fair amount in the past few weeks! But I’ve been lucky enough to have a few days off this week, so naturally I have been having a heyday in the kitchen. I’ve been really having at it and loving every single minute of it! I’m also taking advantage of it because I’ll be in my dorm starting next week. But luckily my dorm is just a short 2-3 minute drive from home. (Is that a good or bad thing? :P) Well, it’s a good thing because if I run out of food in my dorm I can just quick go home and raid the pantry and fridge haha!
But I digress.
Today’s recipe is something that didn’t really have much planning going into it. I just kind of threw a few things together (with a general idea of what I wanted) and voila! The other day I received a sample of NuZest protein powder (a clean protein powder!!) in the mail and knew I wanted to try it as soon as possible! So I figured I’d include it in my post workout snack today!
So without further ado, I present to you: Vanilla Protein Smoothie Bowl!
•1 pack of Smooth Vanilla NuZest Protein powder (20g.)
•1 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
•1/4 cup Cottage Cheese
•Cinnamon, to taste
•Ice Cubes
•1/4 tsp Xanthan Gum
•Toppings of choice — I topped mine with cinnamon, unsweetened shredded coconut, raspberries, and last but not least, sprinkles! 🙂
1. Place all ingredients in a food processor (a blender should work fine too).
2. Put it in a bowl! I also put mine in the freezer while I cleaned my Ninja!
3. Add toppings and enjoy!



Pineapple Coconut Green Smoothie

There’s nothing more refreshing on a beautiful Summer day than something cold and hydrating — I think we can all agree on that! Today I made up a smoothie (and a recipe along with it!) before I headed to a quick shift at work. I’ve been wanting to incorporate pineapple into my smoothies for some time now. I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy for not having done that yet, but hey, at least I’m finally trying it now! Always better late than never, right?!
I saw a recipe on Pinterest the other day for a pineapple coconut smoothie and it inspired me to create my own! Also, I got a great deal on tofu at Costco this past weekend, so I decided to incorporate that in my smoothie as well! 🙂

•1 banana, frozen
•1/4 piece Firm Tofu
•1 cup Fresh Pineapple
•1/2 cup Coconut Water
•1 generous tbsp Unsweetened Shredded Coconut
•Handful of Spinach
•1/2 tsp Maca Powder (optional — it simply gives an extra health boost!)
•Handful of Ice Cubes
•Cinnamon, to taste

1. Add banana, tofu, and pineapple to blender or food processor (I use a Ninja).
2. Add coconut water and coconut shreds. Blend.
3. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend one last time.
4. Top with toppings of choice! I simply topped mine with more unsweetened shredded coconut and goji berries. 🙂