Backyard Greens

Hello there 🙂 I hope this post finds you doing fabulous and having a wonderful day! It’s raining on and off here so that’s why I am currently writing this post and not spending time outside!

Normally in the Summer I love to spend time outside, especially on weekends when my parents and I are working on stuff in the back/front yard! Years ago we had this rather large garden in our backyard right behind our garage. It was filled with raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, watermelon, and various veggies. I can’t quite remember everything we had because it was so long ago and I was young. My parents, for one reason or another, decided to get rid of it, and gradually over the years it has been radically transformed. The area where the fruit/veggie garden used to be now consists of a beautiful flower bed, a man-made pond, and a deck!

On a quick side note, we get fish for the pond every year, but the problem is that the only place in town to get them is Wal-Mart. Let’s just say that Wal-Mart = fish-that-die-making-dad-feel-the-need-to-constantly-buy-more-despite-the-fact-that-they-always-die. Well this year they didn’t actually die right away. Instead, my dad decided to replace half the water to make the pond look cleaner. Two things went wrong: 1. We thing he sucked up one of the fish in the process, and 2. He didn’t take the fish out while replacing the water. So that naturally meant that the next day I found two floaters.

Back to the topic of our garden. In the past couple years, I’ve been wanting to grow veggies, so a couple summers ago I got my parents into it a little bit. Last Summer was our first real summer of growing a decent amount of veggies, and now this Summer we’re growing even more! We even have a blueberry plant (which takes a few years to actually be harvest-able), and some grape vines. We’re growing various tomatoes and peppers in the very back of our backyard, and various herbs, spinach, and kale in containers on our deck. The spinach and especially the kale are growing like mad houses! I picked some for the first time this Summer the other day and we used all of what I picked that same day. I used the spinach on a salad for lunch, and we used the kale in a recipe we used for supper!


If you are even somewhat interested in having your own fruit/veggie garden, DO IT. I absolutely love having what we have at the convenience of our backyard! Not to mention it saves a lot of money, and it’s healthy! 🙂 Now here’s a picture of the spinach and kale I picked the other day 🙂 :



Do you have a home garden? If so, what do you grow? If not, what are s few things you’d love to grow if you had the chance?


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