Bike Adventures

One of the main reasons why I and most other people, for obvious reasons, love Summer is because of the beautiful weather. Today is an active rest day for me after spending a few days doing some serious weight training, so I went for a bike ride! Usually I have to cut my bike rides short because my butt gets too sore (sorry if that’s tmi for you :P), but today I was able to go longer than usual!

For the first part of my ride I just went along the route I typically run, which is on some main streets. Not all of the streets have bike lanes, so I’m limited to riding on the sidewalk. While I was riding on the sidewalk today, I rode past a man walking his dog. He absolutely refused to love out of the way, and said “you know you’re supposed to be riding on the street” in a markedly rude tone. I quickly snapped back saying “I can ride on the side walk if I want to” in a slightly sassy tone because he deserved it 😛 . He then replied that, no, I could not, to which I said that I don’t want to get hit by a car. My this point I was already past him, so I didn’t quite hear the last thing he said, but by the tone and mood of the conversation I can easily imply that it wasn’t nice, so what was my final reply? Screw you.
I know this is probably immature of me to blog about, but I just felt the need to write about this. I took this as a lesson. I was not a happy camper after the encounter with this man, but I decided that it wasn’t going to ruin the rest of my ride. I could have decided to be angry about it and not enjoyed the remainder of my ride, but I decided I was going to move on.

This relates to my life in various ways. Whenever I come across a difficult situation with someone, or even myself, I often let it ruin my mood. I keep thinking about the situation instead of just moving on with my day and my life. Yes, I hold grudges, and I have truly been trying to work on that. I need to remind myself that maybe the other person in the situation has their own story, and they may just simply be having a bad day. Give them the benefit of the doubt. This is something that I’m trying to remind myself as much as possible. When I do this, I know that I will be able to let go of things that really don’t even matter in the end.

To get back on the subject of my bike ride, though, the remainder of it was wonderful! We have the most beautiful weather here in Minnesota! At least most of the time 😛 . This past winter doesn’t count in that beautiful weather category. At all.

Since I mentioned that letting go of grudges is something I’m trying to improve on, do any of you have something you’re trying to work/improve on? 🙂


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