Apple Cinnamon Protein Waffle

Another day, another waffle! For Waffle Wednesday I decided to make up a recipe for apple cinnamon waffles.
The combination of apples and cinnamon is undeniably delicious, which means putting that combination in waffle form could not possibly disappoint! And I was definitely right! 🙂
So here you have it!



•1/2 cup Oat Flour
•2 tbsp About Time Cinnamon Swirl Protein Powder (or protein powder of choice)
•1 Apple (I used Braeburn), cored
•2 tbsp Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt
•1/2 tsp Coconut Sugar
•1 tsp Cinnamon
•4 tbsp+2 tsp Coconut Water

1. Preheat waffle iron.
2. Cut up (dice) about half of the waffle and put into bowl with some coconut sugar and cinnamon (both to taste), and microwave for about 20 seconds.
3. Mix together all ingredients and pour into waffle iron.
4. Top waffle with the other half of the apple, and other topping of choice. I did chia and hemp seeds, cinnamon, coconut sugar, Walden Farms Pancake Syrup, and a dollop of Walden Farms Marshmallow Fluff!



Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Protein Waffle

So I’m just going to cut to the chase here: I officially am in love with creating waffle recipes! I may even be unhealthily addicted.


Today was my first day of training for work, so what better way to fuel up than a waffle? (If you said none, you are very much correct 🙂 ). For the past few days I’ve been thinking about making a pretzel-themed waffle and boy, am I glad I tried it! The texture wasn’t 110% perfect, but it definitely was not one bit bad at all! (If that whole comparison even makes sense haha). Either way, I feel that this recipe is worth sharing, so here you have it!

•1/2 cup Oat Flour
•1 tbsp Chocolate PB2
•2 tbsp Chocolate Protein Powder
•1 tbsp Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt
•1 tsp Coconut Oil
•5 tbsp Coconut Water
•about 1/4 cup Broken Up Pretzels

1. Turn on waffle iron to preheat.
2. Mix together all ingredients. *Make sure you add the pretzel pieces only right before you pour the batter into the waffle iron to prevent them from getting too soggy.*
3. Pour mixture into waffle iron.
4. Top waffle with your desired ingredients! I topped mine with Walden Farms Pancake Syrup, hemp seeds, PB2, cinnamon, and a dollop of Walden Farms Marshmallow Fluff!!


I hope you enjoy this recipe! Let me know what you think if you try it. 🙂



Peanut Butter S’mores Protein Waffle

Woofta! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted (really it’s only been about a week, but we’ll pretend like that’s a long time)! To be honest, the reason why I haven’t posted in the past week is because I haven’t really had anything to post about. 😛 But guess what?! I definitely have something to post about now!

This morning I decided to go for a long run, which I haven’t done for about two weeks now. Lately I have been focusing much more on weight training and lifting than on cardio, and I’m absolutely loving it! Although, it was pretty nice to hit the roads again after my mini hiatus! At the beginning of my run I was feeling like what am I doing? I definitely don’t feel like going very far. But I just kept running because I know when going for a run it takes a little bit to get in the mood and kind of forget you’re actually running! So I kept going, and I ended up going farther than planned!

So what was I thinking about during my run that made me forget I was running, you may ask? I was thinking about breakfast! There was one thing I knew for sure: I wanted to try and create my own waffle recipe. My first idea (which I actually though of yesterday) was to make a strawberry rhubarb waffle, then later on yesterday I thought maybe I should try a peach waffle. But while running today, I decided you know, a s’mores waffle sounds delicious right now!

So what did I make after getting home and doing a 20 minute Crossfit AMRAP? You guessed it! I made a wonderful Peanut Butter S’mores Protein Waffle!



I apologize for the terrible quality of these pictures — I was a little more focused on how much I wanted to eat the waffle instead of trying to take superfantastic pictures!


This was my very first time making up my own waffle recipe, so I was excited, but I was really trying not to get my hopes up too much in case it didn’t turn out well. But low and behold, it turned out great! In fact, the texture even reminded me of s’mores because the outside was crispy and the inside was soft and a little gooey-ish! So without further ado, here is the recipe!


Peanut Butter S’mores Protein Waffle


  • 1/2 cup Oat Flour (I grind up my own oats)
  • 1/2 Scoop (~22g.) Chocolate Whey Protein (or protein of choice)
  • 1 tbsp Chocolate PB2 (or other peanut flour)
  • 2 tbsp Walden Farms Marshmallow Fluff
  • 4 tbsp Skim Milk (or milk of choice)
  • 1 tbsp Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Cinnamon to taste (if you’re like me, this is a pretty decent amount!)



  • Turn on waffle iron..
  • In a bowl, mix together all ingredients
  • Spray with Coconut Oil spray (or any other kind).
  • Once waffle iron is preheated, pour in waffle mixture.
  • My waffle iron beeps when it’s done, but I kept my waffle in for a couple extra minutes.
  • Top with Walden Farms Marshmallow Fluff, Walden Farms Pancake Syrup, Chocolate PB2, Cacao Nibs, and Cinnamon! (You can play around with this to your liking 🙂 )
  • Enjoy!


If you try this recipe out, let me know what you think!

Strawberry Rhubarb Oatmeal

Strawberries and Rhubarb. One of the most genius, delicious flavor combinations to exist on planet earth. No lies. I recently discovered this when I was on Pinterest browsin’ around like any other time I’m on there. After a few minutes of looking through my feed, I came upon a pin linked to a recipe for a strawberry rhubarb smoothie. Unfortunately, when I decided I wanted to make it as a snack the day after, I found that I couldn’t find the pin anymore! Sad day.
But hey, I wasn’t just simply going to let that ruin my fun! After all, the real fun is found in experimenting! So that’s just what I did! I can’t remember all the ingredients I put in the smoothie, but the basics were frozen strawberries, fresh rhubarb, skim milk, and yogurt. And then of course all the add-ins! In my opinion, smoothies are usually never as fun without the add-ins. 🙂
Here is the smoothie in all its gloriousness:

Now, to the decadent Strawberry Rhubarb Oatmeal! Since I enjoyed the flavor of my smoothie so much, I knew exactly what I wanted after my workout this morning: Strawberry Rhubarb oatmeal, of course! Since I just made this this morning, the ingredients are still fresh in my head. Which means recipe!
So here you have it!
•1/2 of a large, ripe banana (mashed)
•1/2 cup of oats
•Milk of choice — I used skim (unmeasured)
•Nonfat plain Greek yogurt (I used Fage)
•3-5 Strawberries (cut up)
•1/4-1/2 Stalk of Rhubarb (cut up)
•Walden Farms Pancake Syrup
•Walden Farms Marshmallow Fluff
•Hemp Seeds
•Chia Seeds
•Unsweetened Shredded Coconut

1. Mash up banana in the bowl with a fork.
2. Add in oats and milk.
3. Microwave for about 90 seconds (times will vary depending on the microwave).
4. Mix in Greek yogurt.
5. Top with strawberries, rhubarb, Pancake Syrup, Marshmallow Fluff, chia and hemp seeds, unsweetened shredded coconut, and cinnamon! (In no particular order).
My oatmeal pre-mixing:


Aaaaaand post-mixing (looks like mush, but tastes like heaven in an oat-sized bowl):


Let me know if you try this and how you like it! 🙂
What’s your favorite oatmeal combination(s)?

You Might As Well Call Me the Queen of the Panini Press

Lunch time is a good time.
Especially when it involves a panini press.
And my awesome panini press skills.
Okay, just kidding. But I must say that I do love to make food on the panini press, and today’s lunch was no exception!

Since I’m rather proud of my wrap/panini that I made today, I’m going g to share the easy peasy recipe with you!

-1 Flatout Sundried Tomato wrap
-tomato paste
-olive oil (I used a basil flavored one)
-mushrooms (sliced)
-Trader Joes Teryaki Tofu (or any kind)
-fresh mozzarella
-any seasonings you’d like (I used garlic pepper and garlic powder)

1. In a pan, pour some olive oil and set burner on high heat.
2. Turn on your panini press to preheat.
3. Put mushrooms, broccoli, tofu, spinach, and some seasoning in the pan and sauté. (For amounts I simply sliced two mushrooms, broke up a couple broccoli florets, sliced up an unmeasured amount of tofu, and a handful or two of spinach).
4. While that’s sautéing (keep an eye on it!), spread some tomato paste on the wrap and top with some seasoning.
5. Once the veggies are done sautéing, put it in the wrap.
6. Add fresh mozzarella (or cheese of choice).
7. Fold and put in the panini press until desired crispness!
This next step is the most important:
8. Devour and enjoy like you have never eaten something more delicious and appetizing. 🙂

There you have it! I love making lunches in the summer because I have a lot more time and I can just throw things together and experiment!
So I challenge you to do the same thing whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack! Just have fun with it!

Backyard Greens

Hello there 🙂 I hope this post finds you doing fabulous and having a wonderful day! It’s raining on and off here so that’s why I am currently writing this post and not spending time outside!

Normally in the Summer I love to spend time outside, especially on weekends when my parents and I are working on stuff in the back/front yard! Years ago we had this rather large garden in our backyard right behind our garage. It was filled with raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, watermelon, and various veggies. I can’t quite remember everything we had because it was so long ago and I was young. My parents, for one reason or another, decided to get rid of it, and gradually over the years it has been radically transformed. The area where the fruit/veggie garden used to be now consists of a beautiful flower bed, a man-made pond, and a deck!

On a quick side note, we get fish for the pond every year, but the problem is that the only place in town to get them is Wal-Mart. Let’s just say that Wal-Mart = fish-that-die-making-dad-feel-the-need-to-constantly-buy-more-despite-the-fact-that-they-always-die. Well this year they didn’t actually die right away. Instead, my dad decided to replace half the water to make the pond look cleaner. Two things went wrong: 1. We thing he sucked up one of the fish in the process, and 2. He didn’t take the fish out while replacing the water. So that naturally meant that the next day I found two floaters.

Back to the topic of our garden. In the past couple years, I’ve been wanting to grow veggies, so a couple summers ago I got my parents into it a little bit. Last Summer was our first real summer of growing a decent amount of veggies, and now this Summer we’re growing even more! We even have a blueberry plant (which takes a few years to actually be harvest-able), and some grape vines. We’re growing various tomatoes and peppers in the very back of our backyard, and various herbs, spinach, and kale in containers on our deck. The spinach and especially the kale are growing like mad houses! I picked some for the first time this Summer the other day and we used all of what I picked that same day. I used the spinach on a salad for lunch, and we used the kale in a recipe we used for supper!


If you are even somewhat interested in having your own fruit/veggie garden, DO IT. I absolutely love having what we have at the convenience of our backyard! Not to mention it saves a lot of money, and it’s healthy! 🙂 Now here’s a picture of the spinach and kale I picked the other day 🙂 :



Do you have a home garden? If so, what do you grow? If not, what are s few things you’d love to grow if you had the chance?

Bike Adventures

One of the main reasons why I and most other people, for obvious reasons, love Summer is because of the beautiful weather. Today is an active rest day for me after spending a few days doing some serious weight training, so I went for a bike ride! Usually I have to cut my bike rides short because my butt gets too sore (sorry if that’s tmi for you :P), but today I was able to go longer than usual!

For the first part of my ride I just went along the route I typically run, which is on some main streets. Not all of the streets have bike lanes, so I’m limited to riding on the sidewalk. While I was riding on the sidewalk today, I rode past a man walking his dog. He absolutely refused to love out of the way, and said “you know you’re supposed to be riding on the street” in a markedly rude tone. I quickly snapped back saying “I can ride on the side walk if I want to” in a slightly sassy tone because he deserved it 😛 . He then replied that, no, I could not, to which I said that I don’t want to get hit by a car. My this point I was already past him, so I didn’t quite hear the last thing he said, but by the tone and mood of the conversation I can easily imply that it wasn’t nice, so what was my final reply? Screw you.
I know this is probably immature of me to blog about, but I just felt the need to write about this. I took this as a lesson. I was not a happy camper after the encounter with this man, but I decided that it wasn’t going to ruin the rest of my ride. I could have decided to be angry about it and not enjoyed the remainder of my ride, but I decided I was going to move on.

This relates to my life in various ways. Whenever I come across a difficult situation with someone, or even myself, I often let it ruin my mood. I keep thinking about the situation instead of just moving on with my day and my life. Yes, I hold grudges, and I have truly been trying to work on that. I need to remind myself that maybe the other person in the situation has their own story, and they may just simply be having a bad day. Give them the benefit of the doubt. This is something that I’m trying to remind myself as much as possible. When I do this, I know that I will be able to let go of things that really don’t even matter in the end.

To get back on the subject of my bike ride, though, the remainder of it was wonderful! We have the most beautiful weather here in Minnesota! At least most of the time 😛 . This past winter doesn’t count in that beautiful weather category. At all.

Since I mentioned that letting go of grudges is something I’m trying to improve on, do any of you have something you’re trying to work/improve on? 🙂